September 29, 2011

A Simple Magic

I spent my morning with my granddaughter today.  I can't be anything but happy when I am with her.  A beautiful soul is bubbling in her and I can only soak in her magic when we are together.  She is so happy and full of energy.  Laughing and smiling like the two of us are rolling in a meadow of cotton candy.  Pink, of course. 

Grammy she says let's play picnic.  Let's play park.  Let's play fancy restaurant.  At a wee three years-old she rhymes off the ABC's and counts brilliantly.  We munch on crunchy apples and cheese and crackers.  Sitting in our fancy restaurant so we don't choke. 

Her strawberry red hair, so fine and fluttering in her face it keeps interrupting her play as she has to keep pushing it off her eyes.  Let's play hairdresser!  I do her mane into a Grammy mini me and paint her little tiny fingernails while were at the spa.  She wiggles and squiggles.  I'm ever so patient with my darling baby girl.

All the while in the back of my mind's closet some terrible thoughts creep in.  I beg in my mind that no one ever hurts her.  It saddens me to no end to know that sexual abuse still goes on today.  CSA isn't like when women were not permitted to vote, or when black people suffered segregation, or when Jewish people were murder.  There is no power or authority strong enough to put an end to child sexual abuse.

I was able to escape my reality today because of one little girl's simple magic.


The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet

The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet
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