November 2, 2012

What Sexual Abuse Really Is

A mind torture chamber. 
Years loss because of overwhelming shame.
Day after day of guilt ridden feelings.
Struggles of endless confusion.
Grieving a life that could've been.
Stolen true personalities.
Loss and never finding you.
Questioning, who are you?
Destroyed trust, loyalty.
Forever issues with relationships.
Tears of pain and worthlessness.
Encompassing depression.
Faking smiles and laughter.
Forcing normalcy.
Hurting physically with the burden.
Secrets owning us, dark and disgusting.
Afraid of crowds, being alone.
Paranoid tendenies.
Lack of filters.
Guarded boundaries.
Non-believers crushing the soul.
Abandoned by loved ones.
Always drowning in flashbacks.
Triggers sinking in without warning.
Unsettled memories covered in Bandaids.
Violation and interruption of childhood.
Never knowing what, who supposed to be.
Changes the path the first moment of trespass.
Craters of loneliness linger.
Definitions of love entangled with caution.
Supporters near, very distant.
Details unnecessary to give weight.
Broken dreams, fantasies became.
Years of therapy, or not.
Talk to heal.
Who will listen?
Lean on who, no one's there.
Haunted by every corner.
Crushed under years of shame.
Generalization to spare those unharmed.
Graphic discretion sparing self.
No more less true.
Head in the sand.
I never knew.
Doesn't make it less true.
Forgetting, impossible task.
Forgiveness, not in the path.
Tell that someone, may regret.
Worse off than before.
Damage is done.
Do overs, there are none.
Freedom, may never come.
Protection, unsurpassed, child thy own.
Neutral, never in.
Really, what IT is.
Is you.



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The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet

The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet
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