March 4, 2014

Won a Battle - War Results TBD

Good news!  Read all about it!

It's true, I have achieved a successful outcome worthy of mentioning.  I continue to jump the hurdles and weather on through the roadblocks that continuously come my way regarding my return to work.  As mentioned, in previous post Up Hill Battle Return to Work my employer was seeking a IME, which I was not pleased about for all sorts of reasons.  Today, several weeks later, I have been advised that my insurance is sending me to a Functional Abilities Examination/Evaluation (FAE).  This test will be carried out over a two-day period and will be conducted locally, so I don't have to drive for hours.  I`m very happy about not having to sit in a car all day because this would only increase my back pain and set me up for failure.

The physiotherapy/occupational department at my local hospital will do the FAE utilizing tests to measure my abilities.  I was advised that some tests will be job specific and some will not.  The reason for this is to determine whether you can do 'any' types of jobs and not just your own or not.  

Once the two days of testing are complete a report will be prepared and sent only to my insurance provider, who in turn will either summarize the information because the employer is not entitled to any information regarding diagnosis, and if the document is restricted to only my limitations/restrictions and abilities the report in its entirety would be forwarded.  I will be able to obtain a copy through my GP.

I feel this is a win for me because this individual is not giving a independent medical opinion as a third party practitioner, therefore, my doctor's opinion is not in question here.  Also, I'm not required to sign some absurd consent form, which was not applicable to my case as my employer prior was requesting such.

Anyone out there who may have experience to share with me about an FAE, please share in the comments.

Wish me luck,


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