September 15, 2011

Physiotherapy First Time - Physical Health Wednesdays

The one good thing about having an appointment commitment is it gets me up and showered. I felt human getting out of the house...nearly.

I've been going to the chiropractor since 1996, getting massage therapy here and there, but had never utilized a physio clinic. Today was my initial assessment. I specifically requested a female physiotherapist (Pt) because I require her pelvic speciality. Okay, yes I have issues in me Jane parts since I had a recurrence with my back injury from 2009. 

In July of 2009, I had a herniated disc at L5, S1 and had surgery to release my sciatica. I will post more about my historical back surgery and the events surrounding that battle at another time.

At Easter of this year, my lumbar flared again at L5, S2.  I've been suffering nerve pain again down my left leg, numbness, tingling, weakness and chronic pain, as well as loss of sensations in me Jane area.

I have difficulty walking, so I drove to the location and didn't wait too long to be seen. Lucky because there was this foul odor in the waiting area.  The Pt was petite, mid thirties and cute. She was quite professional and pleasant to talk with. It's always nice to hit it off with a person who is going to be providing a service to you in the long-term. I feel this way about my stylist, dentist and the auto body repair guy.

The Pt recorded my history and I provided her with my latest MRI report.  She carried out a thorough exam on me.  Due to my pelvic issues she advised me that she would require a script from my family doctor to do a internal exam.  The thoughts exploded in my head!  What?  A physiotherapist can do what only I thought my doctor could at the dreaded, every two year pap smear torture!?  I was not prepared for that, so I was relived that it wasn't taking place at that moment. 

She described to me how she could help me.  Stretching muscles, increasing my core strength, massaging my pudendal nerves.  I had never heard this term before.  After some Googling I was educated .

I have no idea how she plans to stretch and relax that area.  I'm very uncomfortable with all this. 

She provided me with a belt girdle to wear to support my pelvic muscles that are not doing their job until my next appointment.  So far it's quite comfortable except it gives me a muffin top.  Ick.

This was not the adventure I expected from a physio appointment.  Stay tuned.

I apologize for the late post, since it's now Thursday.

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