September 13, 2011

Chili in the Crockpot - Recipe Tuesdays

Today's post is lighthearted.  Tuesday's are recipe day.  Some I'll pull from in My Mind's Closet - oldies, but goodies.  Some I'll find on the web, which is where I found today's.  I'm one of those people that have a couple of ingredients and I plunk them into the search and match what's in my pantry and ta duh - presto dinner is served.

Normal people cook for their families.  Well I confess, cooking is something that I have let slide in the last six months for a number of reasons, some pathetic, some with value.  So much for a light hearted post. 

Well, I'm proud of myself so I have to share.  Not cooking is a part of my depression.  I feel very guilty about this.  So on the days that I achieve cooking supper for my husband and son I feel good about it.  I've cooked four times now in three weeks.

I do like to cook and I do it well.

I made a fantastic Chili today.  Not my usual way, which is like the way my mother would make it when I was a child and since the thought of my mother upsets me so much I chose to find a new recipe.  I was missing the cocoa and the dark beer and I left out the coriander because I don't care for it.
Chili edited by Tyla

Their bowls were empty, so I think it was a hit!
Let me know if you try it.   Tyla

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The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet
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