September 22, 2011

Mental Health Curve Balls

Changing my medications has thrown me a huge curve ball.  My brain is pounding!  It hurts so bad.  I have to just make it past these next few days and then I should be mellowed out.  Side effects are brutal. Here are a few that I've experienced on:

Cipralex: a antidepressant
  • Sweats, drowsiness, drained of energy, numbness, fog, dizziness
Hydromorph Contin: slow release for chronic pain
  • Headache, nauseous, no appetite, tired
Lyrica:  for nerve pain
  • No  change
I don't feel that the Cipralex is helping with my depression and anxiety.  I've been on 10mg for 7-weeks.  Increased the dosage to 20mg recently.  It's like being on a roller coaster.  It is not a 'happy' pill by no means.  Some days are ok, where I can concentrate and be productive.  Other days and nights are spent sobbing or I hide myself in the Internet for hours on end.

The Hydromorph Contin is helping my constant pain in my back.  Not masking it completely, but it helps me sleep and I am able to function at a daily activity for a longer period of time I've noticed.  Also increased from 3mg to 6mg this week.

I have been on Lyrica since July 2009, when I had my discectomy and laminectomy surgery at L5, S1.  It seemed to help, but I'm feeling like it turned to a placebo after so long.  So I stopped taking it recently.

Therapy drained me on Tuesday as well.  Also, I'm on a waiting list to speak to a sexual abuse speciality counsellor.  I haven't started the detailed conversations as of yet.  The CSA counsellor left me a message today for an appointment date....I didn't return her call.

Can I truly handle this curve?


The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet

The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet
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