September 22, 2011

Mental Health Curve Balls

Changing my medications has thrown me a huge curve ball.  My brain is pounding!  It hurts so bad.  I have to just make it past these next few days and then I should be mellowed out.  Side effects are brutal. Here are a few that I've experienced on:

Cipralex: a antidepressant
  • Sweats, drowsiness, drained of energy, numbness, fog, dizziness
Hydromorph Contin: slow release for chronic pain
  • Headache, nauseous, no appetite, tired
Lyrica:  for nerve pain
  • No  change
I don't feel that the Cipralex is helping with my depression and anxiety.  I've been on 10mg for 7-weeks.  Increased the dosage to 20mg recently.  It's like being on a roller coaster.  It is not a 'happy' pill by no means.  Some days are ok, where I can concentrate and be productive.  Other days and nights are spent sobbing or I hide myself in the Internet for hours on end.

The Hydromorph Contin is helping my constant pain in my back.  Not masking it completely, but it helps me sleep and I am able to function at a daily activity for a longer period of time I've noticed.  Also increased from 3mg to 6mg this week.

I have been on Lyrica since July 2009, when I had my discectomy and laminectomy surgery at L5, S1.  It seemed to help, but I'm feeling like it turned to a placebo after so long.  So I stopped taking it recently.

Therapy drained me on Tuesday as well.  Also, I'm on a waiting list to speak to a sexual abuse speciality counsellor.  I haven't started the detailed conversations as of yet.  The CSA counsellor left me a message today for an appointment date....I didn't return her call.

Can I truly handle this curve?



  1. Thanks for sharing Tyla. Its amazing that you have decided to tackle this head on. Very brave that you seem to be doing this on your own. What a journey you are going through - I can see it is a deeply difficult one. I believe you have already made such strides. But I just wanted to send you warm wishes, strength and courage.

  2. Thank you. I don't feel like I'm making any progress at all. I will continue to try.


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