August 7, 2010

Silence - What is the Point?

Writing, I have been considering this blogging idea for some time, but like millions of others the ins and outs I am oblivious to.  I figure I`ll start from today, and perhaps travel to the past when inspired. 

My only intention is to grow from my own words and those of each of you.  So please feel free to jump in and pass on whatever you have to say.  Basically, that`s my thing, and I encourage everyone I know to ``just say it!``  Of course with diplomacy and tact - it is never my intention to hurt, embarasse or offend anyone.  Too many people seem to have valuable thoughts to share and so many of us simply choose to say nothing.  Why is that? I am intelligent and can recognize those situations where saying nothing at all is better for you and the receiver.  More often though that isn't the case.  People and I'm speaking of grown men and women that don't seem to have the courage to speak their minds and share their opinions and/or contributions in either work or home environments.

This silence isn't a pet peeve of mine, but a concern.  Is it childhood shyness that followed like our own shadow?  Is it fear of one's reaction to our words or consequences? 

By no means am I out to shock and awe with verbal comments or to hear my own voice.  We all know one of those in our own backyards!  We all have pieces of this puzzle of life to communicate and I hope that my blog is the open door policy for everyone to free yourself of your own silence because I'm listening to you!  Share examples of when this has troubled you.

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The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet

The Keyhole to My Mind's Closet
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