August 8, 2010

Birthday Cake Baking Day

What's Going on Right Now...
Today I will bake my Echo's 10th birthday cake.  I'm taking on a not-out-of-the-box cake from scratch!  I'm good at decorating and creating a cake he'll love, but more often than not we admire the cake, take some pics, leave it in the fridge for a few days after and then throw it out. 

Not this year because my Echo has requested a cake he can actually eat.  I will make a Red Velvet cake.  The theme is a surprise every year for him.  So baking while he is home is a challenge.  Here I go.  Stay tuned.

Hours later...
I'm a very messy baker.  Every dish seems dirty, strewn about and the floor in the kitchen looking like it has snowed indoors from the flour.  I got 'er done though.  Without opening the oven too many times.  That's very bad when baking.  The stove was dirty with a frozen french fry burning in the bottom, so I had to remove that with a lifter ever so carefully with the oven already hot and no time to turn the self cleaning on. 

I've posted the recipe not that I can speak to taste yet for a few more days.  I will assemble on Tuesday by making the chocolate chess pieces in light and dark from molds.  Move on to experiment with fondant for the first time and colouring it black for the 32 squares I will need; a total of 64 with the 32 in white for the board itself.  The big day is Wednesday, the 11th.  A decade passes so quickly.  I still remember the fine details of when my Echo was born at home.  I'm talking with you lying on the sheets he was born on. Hey they're pretty good sheets considering their age!
And that's for another day...

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