August 12, 2010

Friends - an Over Used Term

Peace.  I feel it at this very moment.  Sitting in the dining room, in the red chair, a cool breeze blowing on my unwashed face, favourite coffee mug to my right and with a turn of my head can see my beautiful, violet morning glories trailing the side of the window.  Is this an Ah moment? 

Here's what happened.  Yesterday, the big day, August 11th my Echo asked me what time it was a thousand times anxiously waiting for four o'clock, when his buds would arrive.  When they did his face lit up with his amazing smile and it didn't leave his face all night. 

Echo doesn't enjoy parties with lots of people, so his two best buds were his only guests.  Is that unusual?  Echo says he's been at too many parties where he feels left out and he doesn't want anyone to feel that way, so this way you can spend time with one another and no one feels bad.  You don't just invite a bunch of people that you're really not even friends with just to get more gifts he says. 

My Echo is a wise lad. 

I had mixed feelings about this.  Does my child have no friends?  Oh no.  Kids today do not have the opportunities to build friendships because of society today.  In my day, we went to the playground, fishing hole, swimming nook, back field unsupervised and knew to come home when the street lights came on.  Now, and I as a parent included would not allow this independence and for justifiable reasons.  Today it is register for this activity and that program etc. to encourage our children to socialize, but they don't really make friends in these types of scheduled meets.  A friendship extends outside that realm.

The scenario really is no different for adults, once you're married and have children relationships with 'friends' change.  Office or school 'friends' if they don't extend after 5pm or 3pm...are they really friends?  I'm very proud that my Echo already has an appreciation for those individuals that he should really value. 

Like all those people that show up at funerals and they haven't spoken or seen the deceased for 25 years...why are they there?  And that's for another day...

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