October 11, 2012

Cool Cakes for Youth and Past Connections

These are all cakes that I created for my son on his birthdays. 

It's odd how with all the anger I hold for my mother, I am still thankful for the memories of all the cakes she put so much time into decorating for my birthday when I was little.  I never was left with the feeling though that my mother put her heart and soul into decorating a cake for me, but it was an excuse for her to have something to do with her time and to show-off how well she could do cake decorating.  Now that I think of it, I only remember when she made me a huge diamond cake for my eleventh birthday.  It said 'you are a real gem' on it and had two large number ones for eleven.  Around that same time, is when she caught my brother violating me in the bottom bunk bed in my room.  I still remember exactly what she said to me--"take a shower", and that was all.

I was eleven when the sexual abuse stopped.  My brother tried once more after our mother interrupted him, and I told him he couldn't do that to me anymore.

Not to spoil the great cakes I have poured my heart into for my child, but it's funny, well not funny, how there is a connection to the past.

The difference for me is I bake and decorate these special cakes not for my own pleasure, but for the pleasure I get from seeing the smile they put on my amazing son's face.  He is always so surprised, and I do think he admires my creativity, and the fact that I pay attention to what he is in to any given year. 

I love him dearly, and protect him every day with full awareness to all his surroundings and the people that may be in his surroundings.  I will never be blind to any pain my child may endure.  I will always be here to keep harm from him, to give him every means of emotional love and comfort.

The Mask of Light - Lego


Fire breathing Dragon

MW3 Xbox Controller
Other cakes I've done: teddy bear, Bob the Builder Tool, Hulk, Jolly Roger flag, 5 foot Snake, and a Bakugan.  I'll have to find those pics to share.

Happy Birthday Cake emotions!


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  1. I can tell you really poured your heart into making these.

    While I have never suffered sexual abuse myself, I have seen firsthand the devestation such abuse rbings upon its victims. We have 'informally adopted' several of our kids who have suffered from it.

    I am usre your son will remember *ALL* of your cakes with love. Every one is a special snapshot in time, and each one shows just how much time, energy, and love you put into protecting your son each day.



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